Introduction of ASTM A36



ASTM A36 is the most commonly used mild steel and hot rolled steel. It has excellent weldability and is suitable for grinding, punching, tapping, drilling and machining processes. The yield strength of ASTM A36 is less than the yield strength of cold rolled C1018, making ASTM A36 easier to bend than C1018. Generally, the larger diameter in ASTM A36 is not produced due to the use of the C1018 hot rolling wheel.

ASTM A36 can usually take the following form:

  • Rectangular pole
  • Square pole
  • Round rod
  • Steel shapes such as channels, angles, H-beams and I-beams.

chemical composition

Element content
Carbon, copper 0.20%
Iron, iron 98%
Manganese, manganese 1.03%
Phosphorus, phosphorus 0.040%
Silicon, silicon 0.280%
Sulfur, S 0.050%

Physical properties

Physical performance measurement empire
Density 7.85 g / cm 3 0.284 lb / inch 3
Mechanical properties
Mechanical properties metric
Tensile strength, limit 400-550 MPa 58000-79800 lb / inch
Tensile strength, yield 250 MPa 36300 psi
Elongation at break (200 mm) 20% 20%
Elongation at break (50 mm) 23% 23%
Modulus of elasticity 200 GPa 29000 kSi
Bulk modulus (typical steel) 140 GPa 20300 kSi
Poisson ratio 0.260 0.260
Shear modulus 79.3 GPa 11500 kSi


US Steel Industry Comprehensive Market Research Report
ASTM A36 has a processing performance of 72% and an average surface cutting feed of 120 ft/min, which is less difficult to machine than AISI 1018 steel.
ASTM A36 steel uses any type of welding method, is easy to weld, and has excellent weld and joint forming quality.
Heat treatment
Any standard carburizing method for AISI 1018 steel is available for ASTM A36.
ASTM A36 performs the following process:
899 ° C ~ 954 ° C (1650 ° F ~ 1750 ° F) normalizing
Annealing 843 ° C ~ 871 ° C (1550 ° F ~ 1600 ° F)
Stress relief at 677 ° C ~ 927 ° C (1250 ° F ~ 1700 ° F)
Carburizing at 899 ° C ~ 927 ° C (1650 ° F ~ 1700 ° F)
Hardened at 788 ° C ~ 816 ° C (1450 ° F ~ 1500 ° F)


ASTM A36 steel has the following applications:
Bolts, riveting or welding for bridges, buildings and oil rigs.
It is used to form cans, boxes, bearing plates, clamps, rings, stencils, clamps, sprocket, cams, gears, floors, forgings, decorative works, piles, supports, automotive and agricultural equipment, frames, mechanical parts.
It is suitable for a variety of components obtained in flame cutting in parking lots, walkways, ship ramps and ditches.

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