pipe tees


  • GB/T12459-2005

  • GB/T13401-2005

  • ASME B16.9

  • SH3408

  • SH3409-96

  • SH3410-96

  • HG/T21635

  • DL/T 695

  • SY/T 0510

  • DIN 2615

Tees for pipe fittings. Also called pipe tees.Three-way joint, with the main line to branch office.Tee for pipe fitting is a three hole, namely an import, two exits; or two import, an export of a chemical pipe fittings, t and y-shaped, size orifice, nozzles with different diameters, for three of the same or different lines of the Survey Office. Tee's main role is to change the direction of flow.

Divided by the diameter size:

  • Equal tee takeover ends are the same size
  • Reducing tee took over in charge of the same size, Branch took over over dimension with dimension less than competent
equal unequal tees

Broken down by process:

  Hydro-bulging,Three-way hydraulic bulging through compensation of axial expansion of metallic materials-tube forming technology. Its process is used dedicated hydraulic machine, will and tee diameter equal of tube billet within injected liquid, through hydraulic machine of two level side cylinder synchronization on in the movement extrusion tube billet, tube billet by extrusion Hou volume variable small, tube billet within of liquid with tube billet volume variable small and pressure increased, dang reached tee support tube expansion out by need of pressure Shi, metal in side cylinder and tube billet within liquid pressure of double role Xia along mold within cavity flow and expansion out support tube.
  Hot embossing,Tee hot forming is will is greater than tee diameter of tube billet, pressure flat about to tee diameter of size, in stretch support tube of parts open a hole; tube billet by heating, into forming die in the, and in tube billet within loaded into stretch support tube of die; in pressure of role Xia tube billet was radial compression, in radial compression of process in the metal to support tube direction flow and in die of stretch Xia formed support tube. The whole process was by billet radial compression and tube forming parts of the drawing process. With hydroforming three-way difference is, hot tee branch pipe is a radial motion compensation by billets of metal, also known as radial compensation process.

Material Division:

  • Carbon steel, cast steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, argon Luo Li, such as PVC.

Method of making Division:

  • Top, pressing, forging, casting and so on.

Tees for pipe fitting is a kind of pipe fittings, mainly used to pipe links. Instead of supporting the use of elbows and valves. Here is often used with tees products and fittings.


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