Globe valve


  Truncation class:Gate valves, globe valves, plug valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, needle valves, diaphragm valves, etc.

  Vacuum: vacuum ball valves, vacuum block valve, vacuum valves, pneumatic valves, etc.

 Special-purpose categories: such as a pig valve, vent valve, sewage valve, exhaust valve, filter, etc.

Valve of pipe fitting is the control of fluid delivery system components, globe, regulation, diversion, preventing upstream, regulator, bypass or overflow the pressure relief function.
Valves for fluid control systems, from the most simple valves to complex automatic control system used by the various valves, its variety and size range. Valves are designed to control air, water, steam, corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metals and radioactive medium, such as various types of fluid flow. Valve according to the material divided into cast iron valves, cast steel valve, stainless steel valve (201, 304, 316), chromium-molybdenum steel valve, chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel valves, duplex steel valves, plastic valves, non-standard custom valve material.

Valves of pipe fittings are in a fluid system, used to control the direction of the fluid, pressure devices, flow in the piping and equipment is medium (liquid, gas, powder) flow or stop and be able to control the flow of installation.

Valves are in fluid conveying system control unit, which is used to change the channel section and flow direction, diversion, globe, throttle, stop, bypass or overflow pressure relief function. For fluid control valve, from the most simple valves to complex automatic control system used by the various valves, its many varieties and specifications, the nominal diameter of the valve from the tiny instrument valve to size up to 10m industrial pipeline valves. Can be used to control water, steam, oil, gases, slurries, corrosive, liquid metal and radioactive fluid, such as various types of fluid flow, pressure valves are available from 0.0013MPa to 1000MPa ultra-high pressure operating temperature from-270 ° c temperature 1430 ° c temperatures.
types of valves
Valve of control can used variety drive way, as manual, and electric, and liquid moving, and pneumatic, and Turbo, and electromagnetic moving, and electromagnetic liquid moving, and electric liquid moving, and gas liquid moving, and are gear, and umbrella gear drive,; can in pressure, and temperature or other form sensing signal of role Xia, by scheduled of requirements action, or not rely on sensing signal and for simple of opened or close, valve relies on drive or automatically institutions makes opening and closing pieces for lifting, and slip, and spin pendulum or rotary movement, to change its flow Road area of size to achieved its control function.

Foreign valve industry standard contrast table

Chinese standard Standard names International standards
GB12220-89 Universal valve symbol ISO5209
GB12221-89 Flange connections metal valve length of structure ISO5752
GB12222-89 Multi-turn valve actuator connection ISO5210/1~3
GB12223-89 Part-turn valve actuator connection ISO5211/1~3
GB12224-89 Steel valves-General requirements ANSI B16.34
GB12225-89 Valves-copper alloy castings for general technical conditions ASTM B584
GB12226-89 General specification for valve grey cast iron ISO 185,BS 1452
GB12228-89 Universal valve carbon steel forgings-technical conditions ASTM A 105、A181
GB12229-89 General purpose industrial valves Specification for carbon steel castings ASTM A703
GB12230-89 General specification for valve steel castings, austenitic ASTM A351
GB12232-89 General purpose industrial valves flanged steel gate valve ISO 5996-1982, API 595
GB12233-89 General purpose industrial valves-steel globe valves and lift check valves BS 5152、5153
GB12234-89 General purpose industrial valves-flanged and welding connections brass gate valves API 600
GB12237-89 General purpose valves-flanged and butt-weld end steel ball valves ISO 7121,API 607
GB12238-89 General purpose industrial valves-flanged and wafer butterfly valves BS 5155
GB12239-89 General purpose industrial valves-Diaphragm valves BS 5156,NFE 29
GB12240-89 Universal valve iron plug valves API 593
GB12241-89 Safety valves-General requirements ISO 4126
GB12242-89 Safety valve performance test method ANSI/ASME PTC 25.3
GB12243-89 Spring direct loading type relief valve JIS B8210
GB12244-89 Pressure relief valves-General requirements JIS B8372、B8410
GB12245-89 Method of performance test for pressure reducing valves JIS B8372、B8410
GB12246-89 Pilot operated pressure reducing valve JIS B8372,DSS405
GB12247-89 Classification of steam traps ISO 6704
GB12248-89 Steam traps-terms ISO 6552
GB12249-89 Steam trap flag ISO 6553
GB12250-89 Steam trap length ISO 6554
GB12251-89 Test method for steam traps ISO 6948、7841、7842
GB/T13927-92 Universal valve pressure test ISO 5208
JB/T5296-91 Universal valve flow coefficient and flow resistance coefficient of test methods JIS B2005
JB/T6899-93 Fire resistance tests for valve ISO 10497
JB/T7927-95 Valve steel castings quality requirements MSS SP55
ZBJ16006-90 Test and inspection of valves API 598

Valve of pipe fitting is a kind of pipe fittings, mainly used to pipe links. Instead of supporting the use of elbows and tees. Here is often used with tees products and fittings.


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