A53 seamless steel tube

Application of ASTM A53 seamless steel tube

 Construction: Under the piped up more when building extraction of underground water, boiler hot water delivery.
 Machining, bearings, processors and other accessories.
 Electrical: Gas transmission pipeline, water power generation.
 Wind farms anti-static tubes

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ASTM A53 seamless steel pipe refers to the foreign standard steel grades, that is, beauty brand. A53-F corresponds to the domestic material q235, A53-A 10# corresponding domestic material, corresponding to A53-B 20# materials at home. Hot-rolled steel hot-rolled or heat treatment State of delivery.
ASTM A53 production process
 Hot-rolled seamless steel tube production process: tube perforation → → → heated three-roll cross-rolling, pipe rolling → → calibration → cool → test → tags → storage → straightening leverage seamless steel tubes, will be detected.
 Cold drawn seamless steel pipe production process: tube perforated → heat → → → → → start → annealing pickling oiling multi-pass cold-drawn steel tube heat treatment straightening → → → → → tags → hydrostatic test storage. Cold drawn seamless steel tubes hot rolling seamless steel tube wall thickness uniformity merger and reorganization of seamless steel tubes, surface roughness is better.

A53 carbon steel pipe is the most common carbon steel, widely used on customer demand for steel products used. A106 higher alloy content than the A53. Pipe connections are frequently used to pipe fittings, such as three-way. Steel corrosion helps a lot in life.


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