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Karl Rusher:Our requirements are: 30 x 30 x 5 Stainless Steel Profile (grades 316) 60 x 60 x 6 Stainless Steel Profile (grades 316) Custom Angle Stainless Steel (grades 316) Can you advise what products you can supply Please reply by email, as we have some special requirement that I would like to discuss.
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Stainless steel used in construction and pellet machine making industry, stainless steel with good corrosion resistance, so it can make the structural components are permanently maintain the integrity of the design. Chromium stainless steel mechanical strength and high elongation in one, easy parts manufacturing, can meet the needs of architects and architects. After the first successful practical application, stainless steel profiles with standard specifications of stainless steel angle bars, flat and square steel bars.

structural stainless steel

Stainless steel angle is perpendicular angle shape on both sides of strip steel. Equilateral stainless steel angle and unequal leg angles of the points.Equilateral as broad as two edges of stainless steel angle. Its specifications to the border thickness x width x thickness of mm number. Such as "∠ 25x25x3", it means siding is 25 mm, Bian Hou 3 mm equilateral stainless steel angle iron.Models can also be used, and the breadth of cm is the model number, if ∠ 3. Model does not mean that the same model in different thick size and in the contract documents, such as stainless steel siding, edge thickness to fill out complete, avoid using models said. Hot-rolled equal angle of stainless steel specifications for 2-20.

equal and unequal stainless angle

Stainless steel angle can be composed according to the structure of the different needs of various stress components, can also be used for connections between components. Widely used in a variety of architectural and engineering structures, such as beams, bridges, transmission towers, hoisting and conveying machinery, ships, industrial furnaces, towers, containers, racks and storage shelves.

Angle Stainless
  Stainless steel carbon structural steel for the construction of the genus, is a simple section steel steel, mainly for metal components and framework of the plant.
  In use require good weldability, certain mechanical strength and deformation properties.
  Raw material for production of stainless steel angle for low-carbon steel for billet and finished hot-rolled stainless steel hot rolled, normalized or delivery.
  Imported stainless steel angle marked on both sides of the actual size and thickness and indicate the relevant standards.

Thickness t mm
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
20×20 0.894 1.13 1.38          
25×25 1.13 1.45 1.77 2.06        
30×30 1.37 1.77 2.17 2.53        
35×35 1.61 2.09 2.57 3.01        
40×40 1.85 2.41 2.97 3.49        
45×45 2.12 2.76 3.40 4.00        
50×50 2.36 3.07 3.79 4.46 5.13 5.76 6.42 7.06
60×60     4.58 5.42 6.24 7.03    
63×63     5.03 5.95 6.84 7.71 8.60 9.48
70×70     5.42 6.42 7.39 8.34 9.31 10.3
75×75     5.82 6.89 7.95 8.97 10.0 11.1
80×80       7.37 8.50 9.61 10.7 11.8
90×90       8.33 9.65 11.90 12.2 13.4
100×100       9.28 10.8 12.20 13.6 15.0
 GB/T2101-89 (steel inspection, packaging, marking and certification of General provisions)
 GB9787-88/GB9788-88 (hot-rolled equal/unequal edges stainless steel angle dimensions, shape, weight and tolerances)
 JISG3192-94 (hot-rolled steel shapes, dimensions, weight and allowance)
 DIN17100-80 (common quality standards for structural steel)
 ГОСТ 535-88 (ordinary carbon steel specifications).

According to the standard, stainless steel angle should be tied bundles of delivery, its zhadaoci, the same bunch length shall conform to the provisions. Stainless steel angle iron is a naked delivery, transportation and storage are required to pay attention to moisture.

Stainless steel fittings are mainly used for pipe connection, common fittings elbows, flanges and so on.


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