High pressure alloy pipes standard ASTM A210


  High pressure alloy pipes standard ASTM A210-----United States society for testing and materials standard ASME SA210---United States ASME standards
  High pressure alloy pipes use: apply to boilers and boiler flue pipes, including security ends, vaults and supporting tubes and superheater tube minimum wall thickness of seamless carbon steel tubes.
  Mainly produce high pressure alloy grades: A210A1, A210C, etc.   Download More Details about ASTM A210
SA210 mechanical properties of high-alloy tubes
Standard Grades Tensile strength(MPA) Yield strength(MPA) Elongation(%)
ASTM A210/ASME SA210 A1 ≥415 ≥255 ≥30
C ≥485 ≥275 ≥30

SA210 high pressure alloy chemical composition
Standard Grades SA210 high pressure alloy chemical composition
C Si Mn P S Cr
ASTM A210/ASME SA210 A210C ≤0.35 ≥0.10 0.29~1.06 ≤0.035 ≤0.035 /
A210A1 ≤0.27 ≥0.10 ≤0.93 ≤ 0.035 ≤0.035  

SA210 high pressure alloy pipes dimension tolerance
Categories SA210 high pressure alloy pipes diameter(D) SA210 high pressure alloy pipes wall thickness(S)
Outer dimension(mm) Permissible deviations(mm) Outer dimension(mm) Permissible deviations(mm)
Hot high pressure alloy pipes ≤101.6 +0.4~-0.8 76~168.3 +28%~0
>101.6~168.3 +0.4~-1.2
High-alloy cold-drawing tubes <25.4 +0.10 ≤38.1 +20%~0
25.4~38.1 +0.15
>38.1~<50.8 +0.20 >38.1 +22%~0
50.8~<63.5 +0.25
63.5~<76.2 +0.30
76.2~101.6 +0.38
>101.6~190.5 +0.38~-0.64
>190.5~228.6 +0.38~-1.14


 Quantity (feet, meters or number)
 Material name (seamless)
 Dimensions (diameter and minimum wall thickness)
 Length (definite or indefinite)
 Experimental reports requested
 Standard number
 Surface conditions: If the pickling or blasting is required, you should highlight on the order form.
 Manufacturing processes (hot rolled or cold drawn) hot rolled pipes without heat treatment, cold drawn tubes in the last sub phase change should be carried out after the cold drawing process annealing, fully annealed or normalizing.
 Special requirements

SA210 high pressure alloy pipes apply to boilers and boiler flue pipes. SA213 higher alloy content than the SA210. SA210 to connect flange to be used when we are able to provide, pipe welding process we are also very good at.


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