medium plate

Plate is a flat steel thickness ratio and surface area are large.Material Q235, 20#, 16MN, 304, 316, and other specifications.
Plate has is big of cover and inclusive capacity, can as roofing Board, and thatch material and the manufacturing container, and tanks, and box, and train car box, and car shell, and industrial furnace of shell body,: can by using requirements for cut and combination, made various structure pieces and mechanical parts, also can made welding steel, further expanded plate of using range; can for bent and stamping forming, made boiler, and container, and rushed business car shell, and civilian vessels, and apparatus, and also can as welding pipe, and cold bent steel of blank. Due to these characteristics, the steel production reached more than 50% of steel production.
To meet the needs of large-scale infrastructure, requirements for steel is growing rapidly. In order to meet the development needs of the new situation, China's steel production has over the years have developed greatly, and constructed like Wuhan iron and steel, Puri steel and a number of advanced steel production enterprises. Supply of steel sheets or rolls. Plate size expressed in number of millimeters of thickness * width * length. Familiar with the specifications sheet, strip, and at full width and length of use, improve material utilization and reduce inappropriate and leftover, reduced working hours and the cost of the product, has a very important meaning. When choosing a plate, strip, should be used as far as possible to blank the whole specification. If they are styling products, selection of foot plate, strip, is close, may order reasonable length or double length and material cutting methods, can significantly improve the utilization of plate, strip. Between the enterprise and the enterprise, and many of the industries and leftover, is proven to improve material utilization, effective methods of saving material.

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