mild plate

Plate main applications: construction, machinery manufacturing, container manufacturing, shipbuilding, bridges, etc. Plate uses: widely used to manufacture various containers, furnace, stove plates, bridges and cars static steel, low alloy steel plate, bridge plate, like steel, boiler plate, pressure vessel plates, decorative plates, automobile frame plate. , Tractor parts and welding components.
Bridge plate: for a large railway bridge. Requirements under the dynamic loads, shocks, vibrations, corrosion, etc. Example: Q235q,Q345q
Ship plate: used in the manufacture of marine and inland ship hull. Require high strength, ductility, toughness and bending properties, weldability, corrosion resistance performance is good. Such as boiler plate such as A32,D32,A36,D36 (boiler): used in the manufacture of boilers and important annexes, as boiler plate at medium temperature (350 ° c) work under high pressure, in addition to withstand the higher pressures, shock, fatigue and corrosion of water and gas, require a certain intensity, also has good welding and cold bending. For example: 20g,16Mng.
Steel plates for pressure vessels: mainly used in the manufacture of oil and chemical gas separation and gas storage and transportation of pressure vessel, or other similar devices, generally working pressure at atmospheric pressure to 320kg/cm2 even to 630kg/cm2, working temperature-20-450 ° c, container steel plates are required, unless a certain strength and excellent ductility and toughness, but must also have good cold bending and welding performance. 20R,16MnR,14Cr1MoR,15CrMoR, and so on.
Automobile beam steels, for the manufacture of automobile beam (longitudinal beams, beams) of low alloy hot-rolled steel sheet with thickness of 2.5-12.0mm. Automobile frames of complex shapes, apart from the outside and cold bending property of high strength, stamping performance requirements.


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