steckel mill

Steckel mill is a steel mill, which usually consists of heating furnace, reversible main rolling mill, plate, including the winder collection system, and other auxiliary equipment. Steckel mill around the set with furnace coilers, in the rolling process in thin gauge sheet can be rolling in the furnace insulation to reduce the rolling steel temperature drop in speed.
In the 1930 of the 20th century, the United States first used 1830mm Steckel mill, has a history of more than 70 years. Originally designed for the production of thin-gauge coil due to plates and the development of technology for hot strip mill, also due to the inherent drawbacks of the Steckel mill, later gradually were eliminated.
In recent years, due to the rolling mill automation technology development and other reasons, Steckel also broke his silence to develop, new design of Steckel mill, was also used in the production of hot-rolled plate and coil, or rolled and stainless steel clad plate of stainless steel. Steckel generally considered "compact, contiguous, economic" advantage. Modern medium and heavy plate mill of hot strip mill has covered a variety of sizes and varieties of steel products, coupled with heavy and medium plate rolling mill and continuous hot rolling mill technology matures, Steckel mill in the new round of development, how to play advantage remains to be practice to prove.


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