steel plate rolling

Thickness 4mm sheet, plate, plate for short. Used in shipbuilding, construction, machine-building, transportation, military industry and other sectors, as well as for the manufacture of large diameter welded pipes, vessels, boilers, etc. Plate production in industrialized countries accounting for 10~22% of steel production. Rolled medium plate mill about 260 sets worldwide, nearly half of them roll body length 3 meters wide and heavy plate mill.
Ingredient:In the beginning of the raw materials used for plate mill rolling slab, continuous cast slabs, ingots and forging. Strip width up to 2300mm, 610mm mm thick, weigh up to 45 tons. Development of continuous casting technology not only improves the yield of thick Board, reducing production costs, but also improves the quality of the steel plate. So the proportion of medium and heavy plate mill slab rising, some at 100%. And the adoption of new technology, heavy and medium plate rolling mill from the slab to the finished Strip yield had reached 94.2%. If there is no primary rolling slabs and slabs, Flat ingots as raw materials that are available. Only in the production of special plates only when forging is used as raw material.
Products:Plate in addition to size differentiation, there is strength, chemical composition, purpose, and classification of delivery status. Classified by strength limit of tensile strength rating, tensile strength is more than 50kgf/cm2 of high strength steel. According to the chemical composition is divided into ordinary steel and special steel, including stainless steel and clad steel plate. According to purpose can be divided into shipbuilding steel plate, welded structural steel, boiler and pressure vessel steel, low temperature steel, corrosion-resistant steel plate, welded steel plate, as well as special-purpose plate. According to the delivery State divided into rolled steel, heat treated steel shot blasting, coating and three types of needs of large construction and shipbuilding, shot blasting, coating steel plate production is increasing.

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