rolling steel

Is made by rolling through the rolling machine.Rolling Machine is the continuous bending of sheet metal shaping machines, roll-o-, u-, multi-r in different shape sheet functions.
rolling steel plate
rolling steel plate
rolling steel plate
Principle:Symmetric rolling machine roller roller in both central symmetry by hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder acting on the vertical motion of the piston, through the last stage of the main reducer gear drive cooperation between the two lower roller gear mesh rotation for roll sheet to provide torque. Volume Board machine specifications flat of plastic metal Board through volume Board machine of three root work roll (II root Xia roll, and a root Shang roll) Zhijian, with Shang roll of Xia pressure and the Xia roll of rotating movement, makes metal Board after more road times continuous bent (within layer compression deformation, Middle not variable, outer stretch deformation), produced permanent of plastic deformation, volume made by need of cylinder, and cone tube or they of part. The hydraulic three roller coiling machine faults are pre-bent plate end via other devices. The bending machine is suitable coil thickness above 50mm large plate bending machine, roll under the two bottom adds a row of fixed roller, roll under the two span, so as to improve the accuracy of rolling workpiece and machine performance.

Roll the main products are steel, we often do the cutting SA387Gr22,S335JR and SA515Gr60.Rolling processes and size can be according to your instructions. Us purchasing steel plate, one-stop shop for your desired products to your hands.


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