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Welding is also known as welding, Rong, is a way of heating, high temperature or high pressure bonding metal or other thermoplastic materials, such as plastic manufacturing processes and technologies. Weld through the following three ways to achieve joint objectives:
 Heating of bonding the workpiece to partial melting into pools, joint after solidification of molten pool and, if necessary, may join the molten filler accessory
 Heating of low melting point solder alone, without having to melt the workpiece itself, and solder the capillary connection parts
 Equal to or lower than the melting point of a workpiece temperatures combined with high pressure and vibration of laminated plastic or mutual penetration between the two workpieces, such as joint
welding steel pipe
Depending on the welding process, welding can be subdivided into gas welding, resistance welding, arc welding and other special welding, laser welding, induction welding.Welding source of energy there are many, including a gas flame, an electric arc, laser, electron beam, friction, and ultrasound. In addition to use in the factory, welding can also be carried out in a variety of environments, such as open air, underwater and in space. Regardless of where the welding may pose a risk to the operator, so appropriate protective measures must be taken when welding. Welded to the body can cause injuries, including burns, electric shock, eye injury, inhalation of toxic gases, ultraviolet radiation, such as excessive.

Weld than steel plate also includes steel pipe welding of welding, the connection can be done by welding of steel pipes and fittings. Welding is mainly play a connecting role. We can make products according to your requirements for welding. Related products are introduced below..


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